Pick the Wedding Dress that Compliments Your Body

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For those of us who don’t look like Pamela Anderson or Halle Berry, picking the correct style wedding dress can be crucial to your overall look. Worrying about if you picked the right dress is the last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day. We all want to look our best and when you look �•good” you tend to feel good. This article will give the Do’s and the Don’ts for your body type. Here are the different body types and their definitions: Apple- for those who gain weight primarily around the waistlinePear-for those who are wider on the bottom and smaller up topHourglass- weight is evenly distributed between the hips and chest areaSquare- weight tends to be evenly distributed throughout the bodyInverted Pear- as you might expect those who have large chests and/or broad shouldered and small on the bottom

The Dos and the Don’ts

Apple Body Type

Dos Empire waistlines- camouflages a big waistline V-necks- make the body look more sharp and less round

Don’ts (the following maximizes the waistline) Corsets Skirts with lines that cut across the middle Full skirts Elongated bodices

Pear Body Type
(the following balances out the top and bottom)

Dos Padded or puffy shoulders Don’ts Narrow shoulders Body hugging sheaths Full puffy skirts

Hourglass BodyType
(to maintain a balanced physique)

Dos Strapless Dresses-flatters your shoulders Body hugging sheaths V-necks Off the shoulder dresses-shows off shoulders Don’ts Beaded or highly decorated bodices-puts on a few pounds Full skirts-attracts attention to the hips

Square Body Type
(to create the illusion of curves)

Dos Beaded or decorated necklines Full skirts Padded, puffy or oversized sleeves or shoulders Horizontal detailing Don’ts Clingy slim gowns

Inverted Pear Body Type

Dos Simple sleeves Full Skirts Don’ts Puffy sleeves Empire waistlines Slim skirts


Best Colours For Winter Fashion

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Charcoals and blacks are Winters staple colours in the fashion world. This year they are adding bursts of colour to beat the cold and for a more exciting and daring look.

Classic dark charcoal is a terrific colour for all sorts of fashion pieces, including career suits, trousers, skirts, shoes, and accessories like scarves and handbags. To go along with these charcoal pieces, though, watch for splashes of colour like forest green, deep plum, and rich burgundy. Bright cherry red or sunshine yellow accessories work wonders with charcoal; it’s something you’re going to see in most fashion collections and is a terrific way to create a look that’s interesting, striking, and eye catching.

The earth tones of fall – Deep reds and golden yellows are ideal – give way in winter to deeper and richer shades. Knee high boots, smart trousers or a skirt are perfectly partnered with a dark burgandy coat. Why? Because it brings a hint of colour to your outfit without being overwhelming or overbearing.

Of course, the classic winter white is being shown all over this season, and for good reason. Winter white with creamy tones is a great colour for every occasion for a fresh and clean cut look. From a day at the office to an evening on the dance floor, you’ll definitely stand out when you choose a wardrobe piece in this colour. Pair winter white with a burst of colour like greens or blues for a more dramatic effect.

Don’t be afraid of adding some bright colours to your winter wardrobe, just because it is Winter. Standard earthy tones are being shown by designers this year however they are livening it up with daring handbags, exotic earrings and chandelier necklaces. Why not try a leopard-print clutch purse to go with your classic black dress suit or sheath style dress?

As always, the key to looking great this winter is to find the colours and tones that work best for you and then use them to spice up your wardrobe in key places. Try something a little different this winter as it is bound to make your wardrobe more interesting and put a skip in your step!


Where to Find Your Body Accessories

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There are a lot of places where you could get body jewelry piercing. These days, there are hundreds if not thousands of shops both in the malls and online that sell authentic body jewelry designs.

From the inexpensive fake body jewelry to the more intricate and much expensive ones, you can basically get anything you desire. Even if stores don’t carry what you want, you can get the materials from some shops and make your own sets of body jewelry.

Locating a great body jewelry shop maybe a daunting task. The sheer number of shops online alone will keep you glued to your PC for hours. One of the fastest ways to locate a great shop is to ask your friends about it. If your group is into body jewelry then there’s a big chance that they go to a few places online, websites that they already trust. However, if you don’t have friends that are into this sort of thing then you need a guide to help you in your search.

When browsing the internet for body jewelry shops, it is best to stick with well made and presentable websites. If the website is well made then the owners spent some considerable money to look professional, which means they are really serious in selling body jewelry and stuff. This makes them more reliable than other sites. These types of sites might sell quite expensive body jewelry but at least you’re a little confident that they use good quality materials, non of those irritating, corrosive and easily-tarnished stuff.

Always look at the return and ordering policies of online shops. Prefer shops that offer decent return policies over prices and discounts. You’ll never really know if the pictures on their website will be the one’s that they will send to you via courier. It’s best to be wary of scrupulous individuals online. The internet is full of them types.

Once you find a great store, there’s another big task in front of you, picking the best set of body jewelry from a huge selection. One way to shop is to shop by style. Body jewelry comes in lots of style or forms. There are rings, balls and barbells. There are gem studded and plain.

You’ll also find exotic, unique, weird, shocking, plain and extreme designs in groups of their own. The style really depends on how much you want to express yourself.

You can also shop by the type of material. Aside from style, the material used is the next big thing to consider when buying body jewelry. Body jewelry comes in sterling silver, 14K gold, stainless steel, titanium, etc. If you have body that is hypersensitive, then it is best that you consider buying metals that are low in nickel such as titanium, stainless surgical steel, silver and gold.

What’s the point of buying body jewelry if you can’t wear them at all? You need to know your own body first. Body jewelry should be as comfortable as possible. If you find that your set of studs or rings irritates your skin then the material used are not bio-compatible. It is better to invest on the more expensive ones rather than risk infections from cheap body jewelry.

Also, one could shop by the type of piercing. Each body part has specific types of piercing jewelry. Navel and tongue piercing are quite different from each other. To hasten your search, you could ask directly for particular piercing body jewelry. If it’s for the ears, nose, lips, navel, etc.


Slim Fit Jeans Men

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A slim fit is a must have style in every guys wardrobe. Dress up with a dress shirt and tie for an evening out without the too formal feel. Their super slim design gives them a fashionable and cutting-edge look. What a great design!

Slim fit suits can actually benefit many men, so long as they spend enough time trying different styles on in order to find the design most suited to their body. Of course, that’s the secret for buying any new clothes? These jeans have lot of style including with the slim fit style. Rocco jeans have attitude, swagger and style. Their slim fit gives a little room with a little edge.

These may be “skinny leg” jeans, or wider legged styles that fit snugly at the waist and hips. They are modeled to fit close through the seat and thigh, with a mid-rise or somewhat low waist and a straight or slightly narrowing leg. Black men’s skinny jeans or tight bootcut jeans are an excellent match for checked shirts and hoodies, and are ideal style items for the indie fashion trend we see on the catwalks these days. It is more an ideal style staple for all modern man’s wardrobe.

The Levi’s 512 jeans are a style that you will experience at home in. Made for guys with skinny legs that still want their jeans to sit at their natural waistline rather than hanging down. You will love the variety of styles, cuts, prices, sizes and looks in boot cut jeans, slim fit jeans and other men’s jeans. Various washes and scrubs are available in boot cut jeans and slim fit jeans from dark to destroyed and bleached. Other names for this style include pegs, drainpipes, stovepipes, cigarette pants, pencil pants, skinny pants or skinnies. Skinny jeans taper entirely at the bottom of the leg; whereas drainpipe jeans are skinny except then the lower leg is straight instead of tapering and accordingly they are generally slightly baggier at the bottom of the leg than skinny jeans.

In contrast, ladies jeans are available in different styles like low rise, mid-rise, regular, straight cut, boot but, flares etc. The ladies jeans choice are presented in different washes that make the jeans look unique and pleasing. Well it’s all down to your current fashion style, from bootleg to skinny, choosing a new pair of jeans is all about enhancing your own individual fashion sense and learning to love yourself and your clothes. If you are a classic clean cut all American guys then a pair of classic straight leg jeans should be a staple in yours. These Rocco jeans have attitude, swagger and style. Our slim fit gives a little room with a little edge.

purchase a pair of Wrangler Basic Slim Fit Jeans and you’ll never forget the traditional cowboy-cut styling that goes with them. They’re made of 100% cotton heavyweight, broken twill denim, accordingly they’ll last more than one season. Cut close and cut to be reckoned with. Other cuts you can consider are relaxed, straight, or flared.

Older generations prefer this cut more than the slim fit as it gives their lower part of the body more room to move and breath. since this type is not all snug, you shouldn’t pair this with a baggy or loose shirt otherwise it will only make you look sloppy. unrivalled design with wonderful cut and perfect fit! Helmut Lang also does a classic, straight leg fit (get the boot cut though, it is absolutely a straight leg.

Mens slim fit jeans can range quite a bit in price. They can range from around twenty dollars, all the way up to several hundred if they are a designer pair.

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